E-mail (Electronic Mail)

E-mail involves sending messages via telecommunication links. If two computer terminals, however distant from each other, are connected on network, it is possible to send messages from one to the other. The message is typed on a computer screen at one end, and is conveyed to the other end through electric impulses.

The person operating the computer terminal at the receiving end is alerted by a signal that a message or mail, meant for him is in the electronic mailbox or he can occasionally see his mailbox to check for any incoming mail. Then he can get it flashed on to a screen immediately or keep it stored and attend to it at leisure.

If the computers have fax, telephone or telex facilities attached to them, E-mail can be used even to transmit telephonic messages or to fax important documents.


To be able to use E-mail all that one needs is an access to a network area, a PC, a telephone, a modern with its software and the basic knowledge of using this software, which is easy to acquire. One does not have to be a computer expert to be able to use E-mail nor does one need a separate telephone line for it.

Advantages of E-mail

1. It is the quickest means of transmitting messages.

2. It saves you from telephone tags.


3. E-mail messages are supposed to be highly secure and secret.

4. E-mail can be sent to a large number of people simultaneously.


The internet may be defined as a global collection of people computers linked together by telephone lines, radio links or satellite links. It has been introduced in India quite recently but being extremely versatile and fast its popularity increasing day by day.


Internet is a network of computers worldwide which allows its users to share information. Apart from the E-mail service of the internet, with which most people are familiar, the World Wide Web (WWW) is the latest vehicle of business now available on the internet. It is a medium in which one can represent his business, products and services to the huge and quickly increasing base of internet users all over the world.

Over millions of companies have turned to the internet as powerful yet inexpensive way to promote their companies, products and services. When an organization links to the internet, people can reach it anytime of day or night.

Potential customers can get your products information with colour photographs, leave queries or place orders. Current customers can use internet for product support to provide valuable feedback about new products.

Cellular Phone


The cellular phone or mobile phone is one of the most convenient developments of the late twentieth century. One can now make a phone call and be called almost wherever one likes, whenever one likes. It is probably the most important telecommunication break-through in recent times.

Today one need never be out of touch with one’s business, family or friends. Cellular phone is free from the cord which normally connects a phone to the wall, so one can move about as one pleases.

Cellular phones give all the benefits of an ordinary fixed phone, but with extra flexibility, mobility, security and whole range of new services, with cellular phone, one can call anywhere and can be reached from any telephone in the world.

The cellular telephone network is divided into cells, each one controlled by a radio base station. This base station transmits and receives radio signals to a centrally located mobile switching centre. This is designed on the most advanced and the most popular digital system.



Paging started a bit late in India. In India, paging and cellular services started almost at the same time. Paging is the quickest way to communicate today. Paging is a one-way wireless communication facility by which one can stay in touch with anyone – clients, office or family, when one is on the move.

If someone needs to contact a subscriber urgently, all that he has to do is pick up the phone and dial the pager number of the subscriber to leave a message. The message is instantly transmitted to the subscriber on his pager, wherever he is. Giving the subscriber instant access to the information he needs.