The mid latitude broadleaf and mixed forest biome is found in the moist continental climates. It includes several plant communities in North America, Europe and Asia. In this biome, both evergreen and deciduous plants are present.

In the mid latitude broad-leaf forest biome trees with broad leaves remain evergreen all the year round, particularly in certain parts of southern Hemisphere. Because of the strong maritime influence, very low winter temperatures and seasonal droughts are lacking there.

The principal areas of this type comprise South-eastern Australia and parts of New Zealand, South Africa and Southern Chile. In the northern hemisphere broad-leaf evergreen forest has been cleared for cultivation and other activities.

There are some areas, though limited in extent, along the Gulf of Mexico. Atlantic coastal plains are covered with pine forest. Evergreen forest biome having white and red pine trees along with eastern hemlock are still found in New England and in a narrow belt extending to the Great Lakes.


Deciduous varieties of oak, beech, hickory, maple, elm, chestnut etc. are also found mixed with evergreen forest. It is to be noted that this biome is also found in Europe and Asia having similar climatic regime.

Beyond the northern limit of this biome are found the coniferous trees which are being gradually replaced by the needle-leaf forests.