Short essay on Livestock and Fishery Resources


Domestic animals have played a very important role in human society since pre-historic times. They provide milk, milk-products, leather, fertilizers, fuel, transport and even cloths to the mankind.

Animals feed on grasses, agricultural wastes and materials discarded by man and are, therefore, an efficient means of converting useless organic matter into a form useful to man. The role of animals in providing rich, high quality proteins as supplement to agriculture produce is exceedingly important to mankind.

The average daily requirement of good quality proteins for humans is about 30 gms per person which is usually met with an assortment of pulses, legumes, dairy products, meat and fish. Modern agriculture has rapidly raised food grain production but for much of high quality proteins we have to depend upon our livestock population and fisheries. Because of its balanced amino-acid content, animal-proteins have a much higher nutritional value than the equivalent amount of proteins from legumes and cereals.

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