It is difficult to define character. Our character depends upon our actions. Both thought and action are co-related. Besides our actions the company we keep too plays an important part in the formation of our character. Games and sports develop in us a number of virtues which guide our actions and strengthen our character.

In fact, games have their own educative value. People possessing courage, strength, conviction and virtues like self-help, sacrifice, honesty and straightforwardness, are said to be men of a stronger character.

These virtues are always developed by games and sports. A sound body has a sound mind is an old proverb. A healthy body being free from disease and morbidity is bound to be independent and self-reliant. Games and sports bring in our physical development and thus pave way for better thoughts and virtues like self-help, courage and honesty.

Sports give rise to team spirit and competition. Sportsmen learn to work together, they are the bitter rivals but honor each other for their skills. On the field, they try to beat one another, but after the competition is over, they shake hands as if they were and they are the warmest friends. Sports thus develop a very healthy competition and inculcate in the sportsman some of the highest virtues.


A sportsman is always courageous and bold. He never loses heart and fights his adversary till the last with an undaunted spirit. He always has faith in himself and his confidence. He relies upon this strength. In the way we develop the prized virtues of self-help and courage. Sports teach us the best type of discipline. We learn obedience, regularity and punctuality.

A sportsman always obeys his captain. Rain or shine, whatever it may be, he reaches the field punctually and at the appointed time for practice.

Sports offer suitable opportunities for training in leadership, Fearlessness, courage, initiative and capacity to resist the evil and injustice are the requisites of a leader. We get sufficient training in these virtues through sports. Student life is the seed time of one’s life. If these virtues are imbibed at this stage, they last throughout life and make one happy and successful.

There is yet another bliss which games and sports offer. They are one of the best relaxations. Games are a hobby to many who utilize their leisure hours in games and sports. Those who cherish the games playing and or witnessing them as their hobbies can ill afford time to speak the company of undesirable society.


Games and sports have been made to form part and parcel of the school curriculum so that both the physical and mental development should go hand in hand, only then alone a harmonious development child’s personality can be achieved.

A successful player or a sportsman can play even the game of life successfully. For life is not a bed of roses it is a bed of thorns instead. We meet difficulties and troubles at every step. Life is a constant struggle against anger, disappointment, difficulties, sorrows and sufferings. Only a stout heart possessing courage and confidence which has been developed through sports can face these impediments successfully with smiling face.