Today’s modern generation has, in reality, grown to become perplexed. Career choices undertaken by the youth shape their future; and therefore, no one wants to make unyielding choices. Someone has rightly said, “One’s own choices in the present mould their own future.”

Career is the most important aspect of one’s life. It is the most difficult and the most risky business to deal with. As mentioned earlier, career shapes one’s future. Unlimited choices in diverse multitude fields, although gives a broader view at life, on the other hand, it also creates confusion in the young minds- what to ‘grab’ and what to ‘leave’. Fix, thus created, may generally result in these minds becoming depression-prone. Those aspirants who don’t fix a goal during their life in senior secondary school, find it very difficult to cope up with the rapidly advancing world.

Tensions, that grow from the fear of exams, and unexpectedly unpleasant results can make the students feel incompetent. This coerces them into depression which pushes them into biased choosing of career fields; as well as they lose their self-confidence.


Even though today’s generation is much more smarter and way ahead of their age, searching for the ‘perfect’ profession may lead to perplexion in the young minds. When hard working students also face failure, they are overcome by grief and tension. This doesn’t mean that those who pass with flying colours don’t face career confusion. Only those who have a clear mind about their aptitude can counter this confusion.

“Success begins in the mind.” A wonderful quote to explain the power of having faith in yourself. Since everyone wants success, they all try their best. Sometimes they will encounter failure, but hey, this is life.. Ups and downs are a part of it. All one needs is to take that failure in your stride and improvise, learn from it and never forget it. It doesn’t matter how or from where you come from, success happens to shake hands with only those who have faith in themselves.


Damini Kulshreshtha