Short essay on genetic engineering


Genetic engineering is technique used over Genes to change their qualities according to needs is development under a branch of science, called Genetic Engineering. It deals with the genes and processes upon them, artificially.

In the cell of one organism, DNA of another Organism is transplanted to grow a new derived organism having combined and desired qualities of both the parent organisms. These techniques are researched and practiced in Genetic Engineering.

Genetic Engineering is getting importance because of its use in agriculture, medicine and animal husbandry. (1) In Agriculture, new varieties of plants are being prepared in every crop to make them more nutritious and immune from pest. Varieties of rice and wheat and other crops, genetically modified are prepared to make them more productive, drought-proof, resistible to insects. (2) Some breeds of animals are also prepared by scientists using genetic engineering technologies. That creates a new breed of animals which are more immune to diseases, capable of giving more milk, meat, wool etc. (3) In medical field, viruses and bacteria are used with transplanted genes to create desired types of hormones such as insulin etc.


Thus Biotechnology has covered a large field with the evolution of various techniques related to manipulation and transplantation of genes through genetic engineering.

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