Short Essay on Food Testing


Food is the main source of energy for living beings. It consists of very essential compounds such as proteins, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. But while taking food we should be aware from some of the things like, from where it is purchased, when it is manufactured or made and how it is made.

Different kind of food source like fruits, fruit juice, meals and breads etc. undergo spoilage in different ways and in different period of time. This condition of food creates so many contaminating diseases like cholera, diarrhea, fever, malaria and common cold.

Food spoilage can be defined as the contamination of food with harmful micro-organism such as bacteria, fungi and toxic chemicals. Food spoilage can be detected easily as the texture, flavour and nutrional value of food will be altered. Canned food spoilage can be detected by observing the bulging of lower part of the can from outside and by pressing it from one side if other side lid come out then it is damaged. In this way the spoilage for different types of food is detected in different ways.


Spoilage happens when microorganisms starts growing on the surface food products .Especially we should ignore roadside food materials because they are not prepared with so much of precautions. Even, if food is kept for long time in refrigerator it should be avoided, as psychrophilic type of bacteria grows on it.These type of bacteria grows in extreme conditions of low temperature.

In matter of food we should choose a food which is prepared in aseptic conditions. Food provides us healthy life.


Madhur Makhija



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