Short essay on Dams: Benefits and problems


Looking at the adverse effects of large dams, the question arises that should the construction of big dams be stopped? The discussion on the negative impacts of irrigation through large dams does not lead to conclusion that dams are always harmful, but they need to be planned properly.

It is true that dams have some undesirable effects, but these constraints may be minimised through careful designs. There should be a balance between large, medium and small dams. The exclusive construction of large dams renders the environment imbalanced and proves more harmful than profitable.

Instead of one large dam, a series of small dams can be built. So a huge water body at one place does not prove harmful to the people of the area. Along with the construction of small dams, afforestation can be undertaken.


The forest will store water underground through the roots of trees and nourish agriculture too. In order to have balanced development between people and the environment, it is better to do planning of the irrigation system at the micro-level instead of the micro-level, which is difficult to manage.

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