Short essay on Block Samiti


The committee that works at the Block level is known as arkhand Samiti or Block Samiti. It is also known as Panchayat amity. This smite functions at the block level. The Block Samiti is important link between the Village Panchayat and the Zila Parishad.


The Block Samiti is a committee elected by the members of the Gram Panchayats in a block from among themselves, Apart from these elected members the Samiti also includes those members of the Lock Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan ‘arishad who have their constituency in that block. All the members of the Block Samiti elect a chairperson (Pramukh) and a vice- tairperson (Up-Pramukh) for five years. The Pramukh looks after le day-to-day work of the Block Samiti. In the absence of the chairperson (Pramukh), the vice-chairperson performs the duties. All Visions in the Samiti are taken by a majority vote.


The Block Samiti works with the BDO (Block Development officer) to implement the community development programme. He incharge of the Programmer’s implementation in the block. Block Development Officer is the secretary of the Block Samiti and has r to call the meetings.

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