Short essay on Biology and Health


The study of biology has been very beneficial in the fields of medicine and health, not only for man but for plants and other animals too. Various types of pathogenic diseases such as bacterial viral protozoan hermitic etc have been discovered.

The theory of disease hermitic etc have been discovered. The theory of disease led the scientists to believe and work in the direction that diseases are caused by micro organism. Principle of sterilization and insecticides has been very much useful to our daily life related to animals and plants. Discovery of antibiotics was a marvelous achievement. Discovery of vaccination benefited the man and other animals against infections of deadly diseases such as tuberculosis, small pox, diphtheria, cholera etc.

Study of biology has been very useful for prevention against disease. Sewage disposal knowledge of contamination of food and water and hygiene etc are studied under microbiology. Based on genetics the two branches. Euthenics have done a lot to improve the mankind on the basis of heredity and environment.

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