Short Essay on Basic Principle of yoga


Frankly speaking silence means inner silence. It has no negative impact. But it is very difficult for the common people to understand the real meaning of silence and even not possible to observe silence because they are entangled with various affairs where as for the spiritual seekers it is not so difficult to observe silence because their aim is self-realization only whereas common people cope with his family, and society.

He must have developed the interpersonal relation. So without communication the above are not possible for him. So some flexibility must be there.

We must observe the silence in a new vision. We should develop friendship, through communication. But we should not be too much talkative. We must be moderate in speech.


We must revolt against immoral, antisocial and wrong activities and to allow us to flow with the nature. Even if we are engaged in various activities, still we will try to maintain the inner silence and experience peace within without developing psychotic disorders.

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