My love for good pictures does not diminish with my advancement in age. The tragedies, comedies, and farces of a movie delight my spirit. The principle of a movie is to ennoble and educate the feelings of men. The movie that elevates my idea of the people by adding moral lessons to amusement is really a good movie.

I chanced to visit a movie in “Grand” talkies, when I had been to a friend’s house there. The picture that screened at the talkies was a nice one and I decided to visit it at once. Despite the rush in the counter we got tickets for balcony. The guide helped us in finding out our seats.

The name of the film was “Gandhi” by Ben Kingsley. The picture was about the variegated roles played by the father of our nation during his fight against the Britishers. I am always a hero worshipper and the life style of Gandhi had influenced me greatly right from my childhood days.

Gandhi was a great reformer and worked for the nation with self-sacrificing spirit. Though Gandhi has departed from us, he has left behind us the footprints on the sands of time. I had been to visit the movie to relax my mind. But on the end of the show I found that it contributed to my delight in addition to giving me knowledge of a great national warrior.


There were brilliant effects of light and colour on the screen. The dances of the actresses had exquisite grace. The appearance of the British officials and Gandhi’s vehement argument with the British officials pleased the audience. The music was good enough to charm my senses. The acting enraptured the soul of mine.

The mysteries of Gandhi’s nature could hardly be followed by me. The noble ideas of Gandhi pleased my mind greatly. The speeches and actions bf Gandhi produced an indelible impression on me.