Friends are plenty when the purse is full. But most of our friends are fair-weather friends. They are time servers. There are very few strand by us through thick and thin. Prosperity gains friends but diversity tries them. Adversity is the touchstone of friendship.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. True and selfless friends are rare in this selfish world. Friendship knows no rank, it makes no distinction between a king and a beggar. A friend is a friend, whether the world goes right or wrong.

A real friend is the balm of our life. He is selfless. He is prepared to sacrifice his all for us. He gives sane advice, criticizes our views and opinions in a constructive manner and directs our will and energy into proper channels.

A true friend is one who appreciates us, who knows our faults as well as virtues, who understands and sympathizes with our aims and objects and shares our ambitions and joys, hopes and disappointments.


On the other hand, a selfish friend is a self-seeker. He is not good and honest. He is not prepared to sacrifice his personal interest for us. With him his own self is first and other things are afterwards. The friendship of a selfish man is of a hollow type.

A selfish friend is an opportunist. He does not love us but our money and the comforts that money can buy for him. His friendship is a business proposition. His friendship is based on the hope of some gain from us. His eye is always on some personal gain.

A selfish friend deserts us in our miseries. A selfish friend is never sincere. He is a hypocrite. He is worse than an enemy. He betrays us at the most critical moment. His actions are never in keeping with his words. He says something else and does something quite the contrary. He is not trustworthy.

A selfish friend is like a good apple that is rotten from within. He is very pleasant spoken, his words are as sweet as honey, he flatters you, he coaxes you and he says ditto to what you say. But his deeds give the lie to his words.


All the time he is playing a double game and making a fool of us. His oily tongue and his hypocritical talk induce in us a false sense of security and we leak out all our secrets to him. He makes a capital out of them and brings untold misery upon us. He is a wolf in the guise of a lamb. We must beware of a selfish friend.