India, it seems, is rather obsessed with the so-called VIPs. It is the typical Indian psyche that puts such an enormous value on its VIPs. The common man throughout the world has an existence of their own, while in India it appears that only the VIP exists, and the rest of the population would help the VIPs.

The Indian VIP syndrome is catching up to an extreme point. Their areas must be spotlessly clean, must get uninterrupted electricity supply, they must get round-the-clock water supply, leave aside the living conditions of the rest of the country.

The VIP could spend any amount on personal wealth out of public exchequer. The lesser mortals are left to rid themselves of the onslaught.

VIPs exists everywhere in the world, but it is ridiculous at home. It is only this poor country, which has teeming millions of hungry and naked masses that teeming VIPs taking advantage of the poverty. Billions of public money is being spent on their security, health, best of that, not a finger could be raised against their opulence of the poor country; because after all, they are our reserved VIPs.


This is, in my opinion, a colossal waste of public money. The money that India spends in saving and pampering our VIP could be spent better on the teeming millions of the poor