Brain drain is an often a familiar expression. This refers to the export, or going out of Indian brains to different countries. We term it as a drain of the brains; for, it is believed that the India is at a loss, when our best brains work for other countries leaving some mediocre and the lesser brains.

Let us analyze why there was so much of exodus of brainpower from India and regulate such drain by some norms. It is a matter of pride for Indians that the world, as of today, has recognized the Indian brain among the best across the world.

This is why foreign countries encourage over the import of the Indian manpower. On the other hand, the owners inheriting such brains are happy to go out because of having congenial work atmosphere and ethos. In foreign countries, there is appreciation for good work, and the environment remains work-friendly, unlike in India. Besides, they get handsome pay packet.

With this situation, in which, both the Indian brains and the foreign countries find it lucrative and satisfying, why should it be stopped? I feel that, it should be curtailed, if not stopped because, if the best goes out, what are the prospects of developments in our country? For, we, ourselves were to be blamed.


If we make the atmosphere healthier for some good work, I feel at least some of the brains may stay back in India. We have to accept that India is at a loss with the loss of expertise but, we cannot really blame the people going out as, who does not want to improve his/ her standard of life? The fact of their going out on the face of it does appear to be unfair to India. For, when we have the know-how, the expertise, why should we not reap the benefit? However, in order to take advantage, we have to do something to lure them to stay within, for which I dare say, India has to do a lot of homework.