Radio is a popular mass medium in almost all countries of the world. It has the maximum outreach. Almost everyone irrespective of economic background can afford to have a radio set.

It has the unique characteristic of speed and immediacy. It was thought in 1917 that mass education can be achieved through radio broadcasts. In India, the first radio station was established in Bombay in July 1927. Then the next station was set up in Calcutta and in Delhi it was set up in 1936.

In India, radio broadcast is done through All India Radio (AIR) services. School broadcasting was started in 1937 from Calcutta. Since then, the school broadcast has increased. Most AIR stations broadcast educational programmes for schools.

Effective Use of Radio:


The Radio medium is very effective for broadcast of lectures by eminent educationists, scientists, historical statements, etc. It is a rich medium for broadcast of drama, stories, commentary, sport news, educational news and educational programmes. Radio medium is popular in both urban and rural settings.

Radio programs are generally prepared on topics which are more suitable to verbal communication. Sound, music and special audio effects can be used in audio programmes as to make them more effective. These techniques help to create visual images through sound. Non-broadcast mode (i.e. specially produced audio cassettes) is also useful in classroom instruction.

Institutions such as Central Institute of Educational Technology, New Delhi, State Institute of Educational Technology, Educational Technology Cells of State Councils of Educational Research and Training produce need- based audio programmes for school children.