Indian judiciary is not a thing to be proud of. When the other two organs of the government, the legislature, and the executive are rotten to the core, how can the third organ be any better?

We often read in newspapers and magazines about the root, seeping into the lower and higher courts of law, and now eyeing the apex court. It is interesting to note how, the Supreme Court is often heard passing strictures against the legislature and the executive, but sad to note the organ trying to infuse good health and new blood elsewhere, on itself being indisposed.

When we read that thirty millions odd lawsuits are pending in various courts the idea that strikes at once what the courts were doing over these years. How could the courts have accumulated such backlog? The second idea that ticks through the mind – in how many centuries will this backlog be over? Any layman could believe this as an impossible task.

The judiciary accepts without the blink of an eyelid that it could be expedited in that colossal period provided there was no new case. With this background, it is very important to know how the rot has come this far? The answer is-like other professions the legal profession has become money- spinner. It is, indeed, very lucrative to postpone each and every lawsuit, endlessly.


The only person interested in speedy disposal of such case is the litigant and that too, only if the individual is honest. All other parties concerned are, the real culprits, and the lawyers of either side are just not interested in tiding over. This is because the finishing the case means the end of the income for the lawyers. Thus, the honest man remains interested in the speedy disposal of the case, amongst concerned four parties.

I believe, the only solution would be plain and simple honesty. Not an easy task, at least for now when our dishonesty has reached the pinnacle. Thus, when there is no apparent relief from such ghost of justice, the Indian public had to accept the course, and learn to live with it.