Whoever lives away from human society is either a god or a beast, because man is a social animal. Friendship, love and society are divinely bestowed upon man. Wherever he lives, he develops his attachment and concern for his neighbors’.

Good neighbors’ are helpful. They exercise good influence upon us. Bad neighbors’ create quarrels and cause worries. Life seems to be intolerable. We all have some peculiarities of our own. We all possess some virtues and some vices too.

Therefore, we have to live with perfect adjustment with our neighbors’. We must neither criticise their flaws nor show our own flaws to them. Understanding and adjustment are quite essential when we live with our neighbors’.

It is very difficult to maintain sound relationship with our neighbors’, if there is pretense at any point. Neighborly relation is hampered when very poor family and another very rich family live together, because there is wide gap between the statuses of the two families.


Similarly, a saint and a dishonest person can not be good neighbors’. A monk who is a lover of peace and tranquility can not live well if his neighbor creates noise all the while.

Mr. Ghosh, Mr. K.C. Singh and Mr. A.C. Uppadhya are my neighbors’. Mr. Uppadhya is a Brahmin. He is the only Brahmin family in our village. I am proud of getting his family as my neighbor. He has two sons only. Both the sons are highly educated and are settled in New Delhi. So Mr. Uppadhya lives with his wife in our village. Mrs. Uppadhya is a loving woman. She very often comes to our family and talks with my mother in order to get rid of loneliness. She loves us all and at times gives us cakes.

Mr. Dibakar Ghosh and Mr. Keshab Charan Singh both are farmers. The son of Mr. Ghosh is a Primary School Teacher while Mr. Singh’s son is a student who reads in City College. I have no difficulty in living with these people as my neighbors’. Rather I get all sorts of help from them. Mr. Ghosh is a religious man. He is generous too. He has donated a plot of land for establishing a homeopathic dispensary in our village. Mr. Singh is a courageous man. During flood he has bravely saved a small child from heavy current.

We are the four families who have been living as true neighbors. We help each other in our distress.