Taste and temperament differ from person to person. The taste of a student is different from that of a teacher. Taste also differs from student to student. Some students like to read fictions while some other students prefer science and mathematics.

As a student, I read all kinds of subjects as per the syllabus. There are such subjects as Sanskrit, General Science, Mathematics, Hindi, Oriya and English. I read all these subjects for my high School Examination. But my favorite subject is Sanskrit. My father is respected as a learned Pandit in our locality. He has inspired me to read Sanskrit.

I get plenty of inspiration to read Sanskrit at home. My father has a wide knowledge in this subject. I read the original text books in Sanskrit such as Megha Dutam by Kalidas, Panchatantra by Vishnu Sharma and Amar Kosha by Amar Singh. My father says that Sanskrit is an ancient Indo-Aryan language from which many European languages have been born.

Sanskrit is also taught in school. I perform better in this subject. The Sanskrit teacher loves me very much for this reason. He tells me to read more and more of Sanskrit Grammar. He says that it is a very interesting subject.


I can read this subject in graduation and Post-graduation stage also. I am sure that I can prosper a lot in this subject. I must try to fulfill the wish of my father and be a learned scholar in Sanskrit.

At present, majority students are interested in engineering and computers. Very few students want to read Sanskrit. But they should remember that Sanskrit is the original language of India. It is also called Deva Bhasa or divine language. India’s culture is built upon this language. If we neglect this language, India will be neglected. The culture of India will deteriorate.