Short Essay on “Knowledge is Not Power”


Knowledge is not power. In today’s world there are a number peoples who have knowledge but the do not have any job and respect. So to gain respect in the society and to get a job we need some extra degree.

That is why  the peoples who have knowledge but no degree, they are not declared  as engineer or any other profession. for the i can give you an example- i know a person who have lots of knowledge about mechanical things, even more then a engineer but he do not have any degree, that is why he is just working in a garage. So friends knowledge can’t help you to get a job.

Another thing i have noticed that only with knowledge we can’t achieve success. To achieve success we all needs lots of practice and  experience on the particular subject we are studying. for example a knowledgeable doctor can not enter into the operation theater and operate a case, as he/she lacks experience, skill and practice.


To operate a case and get success on the case he or she must have lots of practice,skill and experience. So friends knowledge is not only power we needs lots of things with knowledge.

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