Here is your short essay on Windows


Windows is an operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is popularly known as MS – Windows. In 1990, Windows 3 version was launched. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) feature of Windows 3 made it very impressive and popular.

It also helped the processing capabilities of the computer. It was targeted for 16 bit computers. Further, as with technological advancement software developers in Microsoft came out with newer versions of Windows OS – Windows 95 was introduced in August 1995. This OS was thoroughly tested before its launch. This was particularly targeted to 32 bit computers. Windows is particularly appreciated for its user friendliness and the GUI features.

The general features are: – 1. Graphical User Interface (GUI) : The user can view icons or pictures on the screen which assist him in accessing that particular program or application. Therefore, the user interaction with the computer is easier and friendlier. To activate a file or an application the user can simply double click on the icon.


2. Unlike DOS, file names could be lengthier.

3. Multi – tasking: – More than one task can be executed at a time. Each program will work in its own window. The user can shift to other program by simply clicking on the program window.

4. Multi – User: This OS facilitates more than one user at a time. The access to resources is through network.

5. Object Linking Embedding (OLE): One object in an application can be pasted to another application. This concept is called OLE.


6. WYSWYG – What You See Is What You Get: – When documents are generated using various applications, the same is reproduced on the paper.

7. CLIPBOARD: A temporary storage area used to store information. When a part of document is to be moved, that part of the document is stored until it is pasted elsewhere in that document. This concept is called Cut and Paste.

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