Here is your short essay on the Supreme Court of India


The Supreme Court of India, situated in Delhi, is one of the most powerful Supreme Courts in the world. It is also the highest court of the country. The Supreme Court of India consists of one Chief Justice and 25 judges (1+25 = 26 in total). All the judges including the Chief Justice are appointed by the President of India.

However, once appointed they cannot be dismissed except by a resolution passed in both the house of the Parliament by two-third majority. The Supreme Court of India performs a variety of functions.

Power of the Supreme Court may be divided into four categories: a to ensure that the Fundamental Rights as envisaged in the Constitution of India are enjoyed by every citizen of the country b. to advise the President of India on important matters on request from him.


But the opinion of the Supreme Court may be accepted or rejected by the President at his discretion, c. to hear appeal from High Courts, and d. to settle dispute over the interpretation of the constitution.

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