Internet is a connection of network of computers. Internet is popularly known as “Network of Networks” we can connect to any computer throughout the world through internet.

Brief History of Internet

Internet is the product of a military undertaking. The Pentagon’s, Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) funded its creation in 1969, as ARPA net. The intention was, to develop a geographical communication network for military use. All over America, engineers and scientists working on military contracts were allowed to share computers and computer resource through ARPA net. Then internet become popular.

Essentials of Internet


1. Computer.

2. Telephone Connection

3. Modem

4. Internet Connection.


Uses of Internet

1. Sending and receiving E – mails (Electronic Mail). We can send or receive letters through internet.

2. Search for and read millions of files stored in the computers throughout the world.

3. Search and copy the software programs and data files.


4. Communicate online with others connected to the Internet.

5. Companies can advertise their products through Internet.

6. Buy and sell products