Here is your short essay on Social development


Human beings are essentially social beings. In modern life, man has come to feel the necessity of human relationships more than ever before. Practically, no one can any longer live in a state of complete or even partial isolation. It is by living in society that man comes to develop human qualities of which the social phase is the fundamental quality which he must develop for better adjustment in a civilised society.

At the time of birth, the human child is unaware of the social phase, though he is born within a social group and is surrounded by those in whose case social development has already taken place or is under way. From merely a biological organism, the human child develops into a total individual in the context of social environment. As the child grows up, he develops not only in physical, mental, emotional and attitudinal behaviour, but also in his social behaviour. It is the acceptable social behaviour that makes him an acceptable social being.

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