Towards the beginning of the 20th century, Charles Darwin formulated ‘Darwinism’ which then followed by Lamarckism, Mendelism. Before that Galileo, Copernicus had dedicated much to the field of science. After them, in modem era Einstein, Archimedes, Newton and many brand new scientists presented us facts, technology, means for convenience and pooh-poohed at our dogmas, preconceived notions. As science advanced, superstitions faded. Men became modernized, cultured, sophisticated.

Science has provided us immense variety of household goods. Today we have computer, radio, television, freezer, from pin to pen. Whatever we see inside the house, are the gifts of science. The books we read, the pen we write with, the vehicle we ride, are the gifts of science.

Science has invaded into daily life. Science has provided bus, truck, car, train, aero plane to us so that our transport has been easy. Science has provided us telephone to communicate with distant people. The world has become smaller. Science has provided radio, television, cinema, computer our entertainment and amusement. Science has provided many life-saving medicines, knowledge to conquer the diseases. Science has given us luxury, comfort, progress and prosperity. Science is a great benefactor of mankind.