Here is your short essay on Municipality


Municipality or Municipal Committee is the urban local self governing body in smaller cities with populations over 20,000 but less than 10 lakhs.


The number of elected members depends upon the population of the city. The whole city is divided into several words for the purpose of municipal election. Elected members of the Municipality are called ward commissioners. They are elected by entire adult population of the city for five years. They elect one chairman and one vice-chairman from among themselves. Chairman heads the municipality. In the absence of chairman his functions and duties are performed by vice-chairman. The elected members elect few experienced and respected citizens of the city to the municipality They are called aldermen. The meetings of the municipality and presided over by the chairman.


There are permanent officials also in the municipality such a> Executive Officer, Secretary, Health Officer, Sanitary Inspects Municipal Engineer, Junior Engineers, Education’s Officers etc.

Functions of the Municipality-Following are the fund of the municipality :

(1) To clear garbage from the city and keep it neat

(ii) It looks after public health.


(ili) It maintains records of births and deaths.

(iv) It runs schools for children.

(v)It supplies drinking water.

The municipality provides all the basic amenities needed by the citizens.


Sources of Income-

The sources of income are mainly two- taxes that the local bodies can levy, like octoroon, water tax, property tax, tax on education etc. and grants from the government.

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