Here is your short essay on Mesozoic Group


With the close of the Mid-carboniferous, the Geology of India has come to the threshold of the last, the longest and the most eventful era called the ‘Aryan Era’, extending from the Up. Carboni­ferous to the recent period. The important events occurred in chronological order are as follows:

1. The Himalayan Region was converted during the Upper Carboniferous time into a vast geosynclinal sea. This sea is called the ‘Tethys’.

2. The site of Kashmir Himalayas from Pirpanjal to Hazara in the Northwest and Ladakh in the Northeast was the scene of the most violent type of volcanic activity. The peninsula developed a number of trough faults which served as receptacles for a great thickness of fluviatile and lacustrine deposits to form the rocks of the Gondwana system.


3. The Hercynian or Variscan revolution took pla:e at this time.

4. The hypothetical continent, the Gondwanaland developed fissures and its different parts began to drift apart.

5. Stupendous masses of basaltic lava welled out from the earths interior in different parts of the globe. The Deccan-trap in the peninsula is an instance of this kind.

6. The Alpine mountain building movement set in and gave rise to the Alpine system, the Rockies, the Andes etc.


7. The sub-continent of India assumed its present set up.

8. Large parts of the globe fell into the grip of a frigid climate and immense masses of snow and ice covered them during the pleistocene times. This is called the Pleistocene Ice-Age.

In India the mesozoie rocks generally lies conformably above the rocks of the palaeozoic age Mesozoie rocks have been divided into three system as Triassic, Jurassic grid Cretaceous.

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