A modem is an electronic device, which converts the digital signal to analog signal through the telephone line. The conversion is necessary because telephone lines are used to transmit analog signals only. A Modem ( Modulator – Demodulator) is a device used as an interface between a computer and a telephone. There are two types of Modems. They are

Internal Modem which is built – in the computer.

External Modem kept outside the computer.

Internet Connection


We have to apply for an internet connection from a local authority offering Internet services. They are called ISP’s meaning Internet Service Providers. (For example, in India VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited), MTNL, Satyam are some of the agencies authorized to give Internet connection.

Getting an Internet Connection

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will provide the user with the Internet connection. VSNL is a Government organisation and is the link between the Indian users and the rest of the world as for as Internet is concerned.

ISP’s provide us with an Internet account for a fee with which we can connect to the Net.


Getting the Account

To get a VSNL internet account, pay the prescribed fee amount and then username and password will be given.

Connecting to the Internet

1. Double click on the connection you have made then a window appears. Type the user name and authenticated password.


2. Click on Connect button and the modem will start dialing the number that you have specified.

3. The modem will connect, if the user name and password are correct. Then the default browser ( explorer or netscape) will be launched or you may have to start it manually to browse or to surf the Internet.

Web Browsers

A web browser is the gateway to the internet. It is the software program used to access the World Wide Web.


History of Web Browsers

The first browser, called NCSA Mosaic was developed at the National Centre for Supercomputing Application in the early 1990’s. The easy to use, point and click interface helped popularise the web.

Although many different browsers are available, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are the two most popular ones.