Here is your short essay on E – Mail


E – Mail messages are similar to letters, with two main parts. The header contains the name and address of the recipient, (the name and address to whom a copy is sent) and the subject of the message. Some e – mail programs also displays sender’s name, address and the date of the message.

The body contains the message. Just like the letters, you need the correct address, if you use the wrong address or mistype it , your message will bounce back to you. When you receive an e-mail, the header tells you where it came from, how it was sent and when. Most e – mail programs these days lets you insert a signature at the bottom of the message. Unlike a letter, which is typically sealed in an envelope, e – mail is not used for confidential communication. Messages can be intercepted and read by other people.

Understanding E-mail Addresses


There is no central directory for Internet e-mail addresses. But by understanding e-mail addresses, there are ways to figure it out. Believe it or not, guessing is frequently used, and it works sometimes. But before you try this on your own, let’s take a quick look at the anatomy of an e-mail address.

Internet e-mail addresses typically have two main parts: [email protected] . First, there is the user name (bhssrv) which refers to the recipient’s mail box. Then there is @ sign, next to it comes the host name (yahoo), also called the domain name. This refers to the mail server, the computer where the recipient has an electronic mailbox. It’s usually the name of a company or organization. Finally, there’s a dot (.) followed by three letters(com) that indicate the type of domain.

An address ending with .com typically means that the host is a business, commercial enterprise, or an online service like America Online. Most companies use this host. A host name ending .edu usually means that the host is a university or educational facility, .org indictes the host is a non – commercial organization and .gov is used for Government agencies and officials.

With the advent of an Internet Protocol called MIME, Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension, and other types of encoding schemes, such as Uuencode, you can send formatted documents, photos, sound and video files as attachments to your e-mail messages.


Sending an E-mail Message

You can send a message to more than one person at a time by entering multiple addresses. Just put semicolon(;) between addresses. Your return address is automatically sent to the recipient.

Searching for Information

With hundreds of millions of web pages online, you could spend a lifetime surfing the web, following links from the online resources can help with the hunt. You have probably heard of Yahoo!. Google, Excite, AltaVista and other so – called Internet search engines. These search engines find all the related information about a topic when requested.



It refers to the method by which the information can be accessed from a remote computer.

Chatting on the Net



With web chat you can communicate in real time with people all around the world. Web chat provides us with live interaction with people throughout the world.


Net2Phone is a new technology, which makes it possible to place domestic and international calls from a personal computer to any telephone in the world. Net2Phone dramatically reduces telephone bills by up to 95% of the cost of traditional long distance calls. Only the caller needs a PC with an Internet connection.



To see, hear, talk and actually work with people in different locations around the world, without traveling is conferencing.

Conferencing can take many forms, such as video conferencing, audio conferencing and multimedia conferencing.

Video Conferencing

This allows the work groups in different locations to see each others’ faces in small windows on the computer screen and to hear their voices through computer’s speaker.

Telephone Conferencing

It allows you to communicate verbally, rather than typing messages. It works digitizing your voice, then sending the digital data to its final destination via the internet.

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