Here is your short essay on Cambium


Cambium is a type of meristematic cells. This is a thin strip of primary meristem lying in between xylem and phloem.

Cambium originates from pro-combium. It is a meristematic tissue and possesses most of the characteristics of cells constituting a meristem.

It usually consists of a few layers of thin-walled and roughly rectangular living cells. The nucleus is comparatively large. Cells of cambium are in a state of active division. Cambium cuts off xylem on one side and phloem on the other side.


Cambium restricted to vascular bundles and lying in between xylem and phloem is known as fascicular cambium. A strip of cells adjoining fascicular combium between the vascular bundles is known as inter fascicular cambium.

Cambium developing in the cortex of stem is known as phellogen or cork-cambium. Cambium is responsible for secondary growth in thickness of the plant Body.

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