Quite often we are shaken by predictions about the future of the universe. The soothsayers and astrologers often predict or forecast doom and prescribe remedies in the form of appeasing the wrathful planets and deities and so on by performing religious rites and charity.

Epidemics and natural calamities, even wars and fall of governments are attributed to cosmic disturbances and malefic positioning of stars and planets. We have read much about the deluge or the dooms-day in the scriptures.

In India people believe in ancient-text predicting the dooms-day. We have also known how some such predictions have proved themselves to be wrong. Ironically enough, we still feel concerns about such predictions. The reason for this is our ignorance. We know little about the future of the universe. This is why the future of the universe often causes panic in our minds and hearts.

The Future of the Universe by Stephen Hawking presents a scientific and analytical prediction about the future of the universe. A study of the essay will dispel most of our fears and apprehensions. The essay is informative, based on deductions arrived at by rational analysis.


The author proves by evidence, scientific logic and precise arguments that the universe is safe for, at least, the next five billion years unless man by his unwise abuse of power destroys the universe himself. Thus, if one just went by the observational evidence, one would predict that the universe would continue to expand for ever.

After another five billion years or so, the sun would reach the end of its nuclear fuel. It would swell up into what is called a red giant until it swallowed up the earth and the other nearer planets. It would then settle down to be a white dwarf star a few thousand miles across.

So I am predicting the end of the world, but not just yet………….. In any event, by the time the sun blows up, we should have mastered the art of interstellar travel, provided we have not already destroyed ourselves”. Even if the universe is losing its life sustaining freshness there is no probability of its collapse in the near future. Stephen Hawking presents a fairly optimistic theory of the future of man and the universe.

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