National Unity means unity and unanimity among the people of India. India is sovereign, secular, socialistic democratic Republic. It is a vast country with a vast population. It is a country in which people speak different languages and profess different religions. The Hindus, Muslims and Christians live here together. The Oriya, Bengali, Telugus, Assamese and Andhrites live together in this country.

They differ from each other in various aspects. Although politically one, culturally and religiously they lead different lives. So it can easily be imagined how difficult it is to unite these people and rule them with equal laws and regulations.

Hence the need for unity, unity in diversity is the basis of Indian culture. But the achievement of this unity in the midst of vast diversity is a great problem in the country. No Parliament can make any law to unite the Indians and to make them like the members of one family. Regionalism, parochialism, narrows patriotism pose great obstacles in the path of unity. Lack of tolerance and fellow feeling add fuel to the fire of disintegration.

So the Indians must remember that united they stand, divided they fall. To achieve this unity they have to forget the ill-feeling among them. They should be inspired by the spirit of Universal Brotherhood. They should remember that they are neither Oriyas, nor Bengalis nor Gujaratis. They are only Indians. Only one object should bind them together. They should aim at the peace and prosperity of the nation. They should break narrow domestic walls which destroy the unity of their nation.


India believes in the principle of co-existence. Integration of the Indians can not be possible without the spirit of co­existence. Unity among the Indians is highly essential to save our country from external aggression. Time has come for us to live together with a spirit of tolerance and co-operation.