It is said that there is no treasure greater than having a true friend. My true friend Animesh, who is of my age and who reads with me in the same class in the same college. We are bound by chain of friendship right from the Class X as I remember. Our friendship developed from the similarity of taste, sentiment and feeling. Our close association with each other for a long span of time made our friendship stronger with the passage of time.

Before establishing friendship with Animesh, I was alone without a true friend. As Animesh remained in a rented house with his brother near my house, I was delighted to have his company. My pleasures used to be intense as I shared those with my dear friend Animesh.

Whenever I share my sorrows with him, it gets halved as he sympathizes with me. Similarly as he shares my joy, it gets doubled. He invites me for a dinner in the company of his family members, He is my faithful counselor and I have discovered him by my bedside during the period of my sickness.

As a sincere friend Animesh hardly hates or avoids me. In the matter of counseling he seems to be an angel for me. Both of us confide our secrets to each other. Animesh draws my immediate attention for the good habits he has formed. We consider each other very close and dear and lead life in trust like the ancient puranic figures of Bibhisan and Ram.


I am not much brilliant in studies as my friend Animesh is. But whereas he has excellence in debates and studies, I perform well in sports, games and ex curricular activities. We do not consider anything more precious than our friendship. We prepare our lessons together and play games together. We do not like to be pretentious to each other.

Both of us take the company of the good ones and shun the evil ones void of good character. At play Animesh and we belong to two opponent teams. I feel myself fortunate for selecting a friend as Animesh carefully who has many good qualities.

Our friendship is based on love and mutual welfare. We are devoted and sincere to each other. We want to make our friendship lasting one till the point of death and want to show it as a rare example. Our quarrel does not last long. The affection I receive from the family members of Animesh is really unforgettable and sweet.

I invite Animesh on the festive days to enjoy the spirit of togetherness. We make journeys to interesting places during holidays. Both of us adjudge our friendship as immortal and receive each other’s view with great appreciation. We have vowed not to be selfish and hypocrites to each other till the last minute of our life.