Short essay on a Cricket match


I had an opportunity to watch a cricket match between Hyderabad and Bangalore team. Hyderabad had some experienced players. Everyone expected Hyderabad team to win the toss they preferred to field.

The Karnataka opening pair Rama Rao and Sridhar started the innings for Karnataka. Iqbal and Ramesh were the opening bowlers. Iqbal was a fast bowler. The batsmen had some difficulty in facing Iqbal. There was a spell of restraint on the part of the opening batsmen. They could not score fast runs.

However, Ramesh did not maintain line and length. The Karnataka batsmen hit him hard. Sridhar did not last for long. He was bowled by Iqbal when he had scored 18 runs. He was followed by Rama Rao who was cought in the second slip. Score was 12 when he was declared out. Then came Venkatesh, he thrilled the spectators with his excellent performance. His individual score was 70. Khasi who joined Venkatesh was unbeaten with 50 runs. With ten extras, Karnataka scored 160 runs at the completion of fifty over’s.


The Hyderabad team had to chase this modest total. The Hyderabad innings was opened by Vivek and Kishen. Vivek scored 80 runs and Kishen 64 runs, when Kishen’s wicket fell. Vivek was joined by Deepak and he scored the required eleven runs very quickly. The Hyderabad team reached the target of 161 runs, when Deepak scored his eleven runs, which consisted of a sixer and a boundary. There were six extra. The Hyderabad team found no difficulty in establishing their supremacy over the Karnataka team.


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