Short essay on Control of Air Pollution in India


Domestic fires are principal sources of air pollution. While they account for nearly 52 per cent of the pollution, industrial gases account for between 20-25 per cent and the internal combustion engines account for the balance 25-30 per cent.

Some steps can be initiated to reduce air pollution.

(1) Use of LPG and electricity will make people less dependant on domestic fires. Non-conventional energy sources should be encouraged at rural areas.


(2) Factory chimneys should be as high as possible to distribute and dilute the pollution level over a larger and wider area.

(3) Separators and air filters should be used in factories. Separators separate out panic late and gas fraction. Filters can collect over fine particulates.

(4) Chimneys should be provided with setting chambers, so that the smoke particles settle down separating from other gases.

(5) To prevent automobile exhausts, regular checking should be done.


(6) Forestation programme should be implemented through out the country.

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