Boys and girls who study in schools and men and women who study in universities are all called students. If all of them are students who is an ideal student? An ideal is that which is perfect and faultless. An ideal student is therefore one who is faultless and perfect. He is the best and excels all other students in his class in all respects.

Students go to schools and colleges to acquire knowledge. Besides knowledge, they also acquire skills and habits which develop their personalities. As students they prepare themselves to face the many challenges which they are likely to meet in later life. An ideal student who is to be one step above others has therefore to be more intelligent, bright, skilful and progressive. To be so, an ideal student always has some special abilities and qualities in him.

A sound mind and a sound body go together. An ideal student should have a bright mind as well as a healthy body. As he excels other students in studies, he should also excel other students in sports and games. Education is not only receiving, but also achieving. An ideal student should put all his efforts to achieve the said goals.

An ideal student develops good habits. He is always punctual. He does the right things at the right time. He understands that concentration is the key to success. So whatever he does, he does with devotion and sincerity. He is scientific in his outlook and does not accept things at their face value. He always asks what and why. Only when he is satisfied, he accepts the truth. He has creativity and he always engages himself in adventures and in discoveries.


An ideal student is creative. He likes all arts and takes interest in music, dance, drawing, painting etc. He is fearless and courageous. He does not show anger either in word or in deed. He is polite. He respects elders, parents, teachers and the learned. He is kind and sympathetic. He respects and follows all moral and social laws. Though he is rational, he has faith in God as science does not explain everything.

An ideal student is disciplined. He is honest and wise. He is always cooperative and is willing to serve the needy. An ideal student learns all the skills necessary to serve his future needs. He is humble and not proud. He maintains his character, as he believes that if character is lost everything is lost. An ideal student is an ideal citizen in the making.