Teacher is a person who teaches something whether in a school or a college or anywhere else. In a nutshell, a teacher is one who instils in the learner an inspiration to learn and to be good.

My favourite teacher is one of the many teachers who have taught me till now. Her name is Mrs. Kaushik and, she was my class teacher, when I was in Std. I, and, till today when I am in Std. VII, I have not found a second to her she is still teaching in the school, and that also the same Std. I.

Whenever I see her in school, I feel so delighted that, the day passes off very happily. Oh! What a lovely person she is, a friend, a guide and a soulmate all wrapped up in one. Even now when I am so big, I still go to her whenever I am in trouble or distress, and believe me she guides me to a perfect sense of satisfaction.

Let us now see why she has acquired such a pedestal from me, and become such a loved one for me. I remember when I was in Std. I a small child though, but a very naughty and disobedient one almost disliked studies at that time and was very difficult to deal with. She, yes, it is she who put me on the right track, and so much so that, today I am one of the good students of my class.


She used to cajole me; she used to explain to me with love and affection how important studies are for children. This she would do with the help of stories of children who suffered just because they did not study. I remember how she lovingly placed me on her lap and explain to me how good children must behave to be called good.

It was her very sincere and deep affection for me that put a deep dent on my young and impressionable mind. Believe me while I was still in Std. II, I had become quiet, docile and obedient, which fact even Mrs. Kaushik could not believe.

I developed a keen interest in studies. I left all mischief and became hard working and easier to manage. By the time I was promoted to Std. II, I had left teasing children and all other mischief. In Std. II, my teacher changed but even then I used to go to Mrs. Kaushik whenever I found time. I loved to listen to her, it gave me such pleasure to be with her, and believe me by and by, obedience became a habit with me, my nature. Even in Std. II, I was a changed person, and it was all due to my favourite teacher Mrs. Kaushik.

Today when I am big enough to understand things, I feel that, every teacher should be like my favourite teacher, Mrs. Kaushik. All her individual qualities fit so very well into the profession of a teacher. She is so full of love and care for all children. She has no favourites all the children are the same for her to deal with, though, each with his/her personal knack.


She has a very keen sense of responsibility towards the children in her care, as she feels and rightly to that, what she makes of them, they will remain to be for ever.

This teacher is my favourite teacher as; I feel that, she has all the qualities that children look for in a teacher. I have not forgotten this teacher till date and I am sure I never will. Today, I am still in school and do see her often and still go to her if for nothing else just to wish her, and take a glimpse of her sweet smiling face.

However, I am sure that, even after some years when I leave this school I will take her portrait fitted into the depths of my mind and heart. Her picture is so deeply entrenched in my heart and head that, I think no matter, where I go, I will never forget her, and neither will, I ever get another like her to see and meet.