610 Words Short Essay on if I were a River`


River with all its beauty and grandeur and elegance is one of the finest creations of God. It is an asset to mankind and serves in several ways.

If I was a river, I would just love to flow here there and everywhere as per my desires and fancies. My flow would depend upon my mood at any given time. However, no matter what the mood or time, I would in the process of my flow avoid habitations.

This would be done because I know that, my movement in the thickly populated areas would damage man and his property. I really never wish to harm anyone, as; my love for man is abounding for several reasons. He has earned it from me and that is why, I would keep myself off from human habitations, in my flow here and there.


I know why I would love man. It is because; firstly it is only he who worships me and my other colleague rivers. During man’s prayer to me and other rivers, man requests us rivers to save him from all calamities, especially those caused by us rivers. So, in return for his prayer, at least I would prevent man from my wrath and never wreak any havoc on him.

Such admirers of mine how can I ever even think of harming? Thus, if I were a river, in times of flood, I would try my best to divert myself from any human habitation if it fell on my way. I would smartly change my course of flow as I would never be able to belie their trust in me and their prayers, for their safety.

Besides man’s prayers, I respect him for all that he does for me and other rivers of my kind, and all the uses he puts me

To, make me just adore him. He is all the time engaged in cleaning me, and I feel so nice being dealt with so much love and care. Man spends so much of his hard earned money in looking after me and my other brethren, then how can I or any other like me be unkind to man. Man makes me feel as though I am very important for his very existence, and that boosts up my morale and I respect him all the more.


I just lazily move here and there doing just nothing with my time and capacities. I waste my energy doing nothing to use them. It is just this that man does for me. It is he who energises me and puts me to great use.

He creates electricity from my energy, and this is called hydroelectricity in the human language. It then gives me immense pleasure to realise that the lazy me has been put to some use for human beings. When I realise that now I am not a useless idler only moving like a vagabond but someone very useful to man, someone who gives light to his life then I feel elated and happy.

I feel as though I am someone important and I put my collars up. I realise that I am not just water flowing through places but I am a permanent reservoir of heat energy of great use to man, this puts me on man’s chart of useful items.

If I was a river, I would be puffed up on seeing that man, the highest species of God’s creations worships me and thence I would decide never to harm man as far as I can help. I do pray and hope that God gives me sense and strength to keep up to my great principles of never harming man.

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