596 Words Essay on Peaceful uses of atomic energy


It is a tragedy that the first use of atomic energy was made by the world through its two bombs which wiped off two Japanese cities during the last World War.

Atomic energy is a very potential scientific energy which mankind can use either for constructive or for destructive purposes. Atomic energy is based on the scientific principle of the explosion of the atom which is the smallest particle of a metal into nuclear.

The nuclear can be further split into neutrons and protons. The protons are positively charged particles which the neutrons are negatively charged. The splitting of an atom releases vast unending source of energy which can be employed for various purposes.


It was only after the Second World War that scientists started experiments for finding the successful uses of the atomic energy. A nuclear reactor was set up to elaborate atomic energy and for heating and power.

This reactor consisted of a large pile of graphite into which was insulated uranium metal. When enough fuel is filled in the nuclear base it sparks but the graphite protects it from explosion so that the nuclear fire burns peacefully and safely, the nuclear furnace produced a heat which can be compared to the burning of thousands of tons of coal. Atomic energy can be put to various constructive uses.

Small amount of it can be used for a very large amount of heating or electricity in industrial undertakings and factories. Atomic radiation helps chemical action in the process of polymerization which further helps in the radiation processes of raw materials-steel, plastics, rubber etc. Radio­isotopes are finding many natural uses. Atomic radiations electrify the air and are used for making so many other things.

Atomic energy can also be applied in the field of agriculture. According to certain experiments agricultural yields can be added by thousands of tons by the use of radio-active tracers and fertilisers. Atomic radiation can be applied to seeds which can yield many more times to normal one. Atomic energy can also help in the preservation of foodstuffs for a longer time. It can also help the productivity of foodstuffs in regions where agricultural processes cannot be otherwise carried out.


Atomic energy is proving its best use in the field of medical sciences. It is helping the doctors in diagnosing the diseases and in the treatment of the patients. Radio iodine is used in diagnosing all defects in thyroid glands. The new tools and instruments manufactured with the help of atomic energy are making medical science perfect. Radio­activity can also be used for curing brain tumors.

This is done by inserting radioactive waves into the brain. Radio Therapy is also now used extensively for the treatment of cancer. Gama rays produced from atomic energy are used for sterilising human bones. Modern medical science is exploring other uses of the atom and hopes that man king can in due course of time control death and diseases and ensure long life for human beings in the world.

Atomic power stations are now being set up in America and Russia and other advanced countries. They can now supply electricity and power to a country’s every part on nominal cost. Industries can make use of the atomic power for expanding their production. With increased production in the field of agriculture and industry, human beings can attain higher standards of living and make their life happier and better.

It is thus seen that atomic energy can be a source of great happiness to mankind if it is applied for peaceful purposes and not dissipated for destructive purposes.

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