Cricket has become the most popular game now days. People are so fond of it that they glue to their transistors or television whenever the cricket match is played. Sometimes it appears as if the entire machinery of the government has come to a standstill and people are concentrating as to the performance of the cricket.

I, too take great interest in cricket and never miss a chance to watch it on the television. But I always cherished a dream to visit a stadium and see the match being the part of spectators. Last Saturday I got such an opportunity. There was a friendly match between A.V.M. School D.A.V. schools at J.L. Stadium Delhi.

The match started at 10 a.m. Masers Pathan and Sidhhu were the Umpires. The toss was held. The captain of A.V.M. school won it. He decided to bat first. Hence, the players of D.A.V. School took their positions in the field. The batting began with the two good openers of the team named Rajiv and Prabhat. They had to face the bowling of Karmveer and Rajat.

The opening batsman made a good start, and within half an hour they scored forty runs in partnership. But soon Rajiv bad to back to pavilion as he could not face the strong and sharp bowling of Karmveer. In next few minutes Prabhat was so caught in the slips.


The batsmen who followed them seemed very experienced, a, ‘Played a steady game. As a result started making fours sixes one after another. The bowlers tried their best to and dismiss the players. They kept good length and line of the ball. But they could not take the situation in their grip. The batsman remained at the crease till they scored 150 runs. Meanwhile the bowlers were changed.

The new bowler named Ankit proved great disaster for the A.V.M. School team. With his second BAL’ he took one of the batsman by surprise, and before he (batsman) could strike the ball it had clean struck one of the stumps. The next wicket also fell quickly. Now the bowlers had a good chance. They could not let their opponents stand against their hard hitting balls. They proved themselves too strong for the batsman. The seventh batsman seemed to be in good form but he too could not add much to the score. And finally the A.V.M. School team was all out by lunch hour. The score stood at 205.

After lunch hour the second innings started. The opening pair was at 29 when one of them was caught in the slips. Karan filled up vacancy and made six fours. He was raising the score steadily when his partner went forward to hit a slow ball. Soon he lost his balance and he was stumped by the wicket keeper. The next player remained very successful. Very soon he raised the score up to 100.

Abhisheck and Raman contributed a lot and the score increased rapidly. Abhisheck played veiy nicely. He remained on the crease for full two hours and he scored a century. When the game came to an end, the D.A.V. School team had fulfilled the target of 206 runs by the loss of seven wickets, thus winning by 3 wickets. Abhishek v is declared the man of the match.


The match was very exciting. We enjoyed it thoroughly.