India has all along been a great name in the history of the countries with highly religious values. It has always been known to be the guru of the world.

Its religious belief has given birth to a number of places and temples which have their remarkable identification for the tourists and the pilgrims from all over the world. Right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujrat to Orissa there are a lot of great shrines which attract people all through the year. Delhi, the capital of India, is not far behind in the list of historical monumental and religious places.

Delhi is a land of great heritage. It is enshrined with a lot of monuments, wonderful building, temples and many more which make this city of great architectural and tourist land. It is the capital of India. It has always been favourite of the old kings, especially during the Mughals.

It is a history in itself and gloiy to its nation. Day by day new chapters are being added to the making of this history. A very recent addition to this marvellous historical land is the Akshardham temple which is one in itself.


This magnificent temple has been constructed under the patronage of the Bochasanvasi Aksharpurushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) and was inaugurated on Nov. 7, 2005 by Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the leader of the BAPS. The inaugural ceremony was attended by the President APJ Abdul Kalam.

This massive mega complex has been built on the banks of the serene river Yamuna and lies over a sprawling hundred acres of lush manicured lawns adorned with water fountains and carved pavillions. It is an amazing world of Indian culture ornate with 20,000 statues, floral motifs, arches and exquisitively carved pillars. One can have a unique glimpse of the Hindu religion and Indian culture in this Akshardham Temple Complex.

A whopping two billion was spent on the construction of this grand place of worship and IMAX theatre, a Swaminarayan Temple and elaborate musical fountain accessorize this massive complex. The architectural style is an imitation of the Akshardham Temple in Gandhi agar, Gujarat. The main monument at the Akshardham Temple in Delhi is about 141- foot high and houses a lovely statue of Lord Swaminarayan.

This sprawling Rs. 200 crore pink sandstone, cultural complex showcases the grandeur of Indian history, art, culture and values. Designed by architect Virendra Sompura and conceptualized by Pramukh Swami Maharaj, it took over 7,000 master craftsmen and thousands of volunteers from all over the world, almost five years to complete this modern day marvel.


The main monument depicting ancient Indian vastushastra and architecture is a master piece in pink sand-stone and white marble i.e. 141 feet high, 316 feet wide and 370 feet long with 234 ornate pillars eleven 72 -foot-high huge domes (mandapams) and decorative arches.

The monument stands on the shoulders of 148 huge elephants which are encircled by a double-storeyed colonnade that depicts the tales from the epic.The complex has exhibition halls, surrounded by a garden and is much more than a mere place of pilgrimage.

The temple complex is expected to become one of the major tourist attractions of Delhi. It can be said to be a wonder for the people of India. It can add an exquisite beauty to this land.