‘A Visit to hill a Station’ is an exciting experience. It gives a chance to live in the lap of Nature. In direct touch of Nature we can feel a divine peace and calmness in mind. It makes us feel to be lucky among millions who are over busy in world by affairs.

India is a hot country. It is terribly hot during the months of May and June. The northern plains of India are very hot in these months. Hence a trip to some hill station is always tempting. Everybody likes to go somewhere in the lap of Nature to keep himself/herself away from the intense heat of the plains. But those who have money only they go to hills to enjoy their time whole heartedly. The hills not only give relief from heat but are also useful for health. God seems to smile through the beautiful and lovely scenes of Nature.

In Northern India there are many hill stations like Nainital, Shimla and Mussourie etc. I had a great desire to visit Shimla. So, I with my friends, made a programme to spend summer at Shimla. We reached Shimla in the morning. We went there in the month of June by bus.

We made arrangements for our stay in a private house. It was on the top of the hill. The surroundings of that house were very charming. We could see the beauty of Nature and hills; we could also see the lower portion of Shimla from there. We arranged a servant there. He swept the house and prepared tea for us. We had everything for cooking with us.


We stayed at Shimla for ten days. We took a guide. After taking breakfast, we used to set out on sight-seeing. We came back at 2 p.m. and took lunch. The servant was a good cook. The pure air and greenery of the hills made us fresh. We had heard that rainy days of Shimla are more enjoyable. Hence we took pleasure of showers when it rained one day or two.

It made us feel sensations of deeper joy. We enjoyed getting drenched. We came back, changed our clothes and took coffee. Shimla attracts a number of tourists due to its natural beauty. The Mall Road of Shimla and Jhaku hills are always full of throngs during summer season. Mall Road is also found full of activity in the evenings. With unforgettable memory we came back to Delhi. The visit is still fresh in my mind. It has been a memorable visit, because it was a pleasure trip for me.

Our return journey by bus was accompanied by our old and new experience of this visit. It was no less thrilling. We were charmed by the night beauty of the city. Shimla city’s houses were twinkling like stars in the sky. The enchanting music of tall trees and far-stretching hills were inviting us to visit this place again and again. The whirling zig-zag road gave us a chance to see the nature with different angles to feel it in full length. Shimla is indeed a queen of hill stations. I would like to visit it once again.