512 Words Essay on a journey by boat


It was Durga Pooja vacation. I had come to my native village with my cousins. As we had no work there, we found the village life very dull. Suddenly an idea struck in my mind and soon we decided to go on a journey by boat. A day was fixed for the journey. The river was not too far.

On the fixed day we took our bags and some things to eat and started for the river bank on foot. As we had already hired a boat, we found it ready. The boat was small but it was beautifully decorated. There were two boat-men who instructed us to set properly on both the sides of the boat.

It was morning and the sky was clear. A fine cool breeze was blowing. As soon as we took our seats in the boat, it began to move on water. They were really thrilling movements in our life. We all were in high spirit.


The’ boat was moving gently. The river water was shining in the rays of the sun and was presenting a beautiful scene. It looked white like silver. There were many more boats of different shapes and sizes sailing in the river. There were men, women and children in those boats. The children were very excited and were shouting with joy.

All of a sudden the cool breeze stopped blowing and we felt a bit hot. One of my cousins suggested enjoying cold drink which we had brought in our bag. Soon it was midday and we decided to take our lunch. Up to this time we were on the other side of the river. The boatmen tied the boat to the bank and guided us to a restaurant. We took our meals. We enjoyed tea too. Then we started our return journey.

The return journey was little bit difficult because the boat was going against the current. Naturally the boatmen had to work hard at the oars. As the currents of the river were not in favour, the speed of the boat was not fast as it was in the beginning of the journey so it took much time and soon we saw that the sun was about to set. It was really a glorious sun set we had ever seen. The sun’s rays made everything red.

The weather was quite clear when we started and we were very happy that our return journey was also safe. But soon we were horrified to hear the cry, “storm” We were in the middle of the river. The water rose high and it dashed against the boat.


The boatmen worked harder and harder. It seemed that life is slipped from our hands. We started praying to God. Soon the boatmen cried, the bank!’ the bank!” We took a sigh of relief. We reached the bank safely. We thanked god and thanked the boatmen.

Ten years have passed since then but the memory of that boat journey is still fresh in mind. Sometime I remember its sweet moments and sometimes its horrible moments.

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