506 Words Essay on proper use of public property


Public properties are what people of a country own and use it jointly. For example, we walk on road, use electricity, public parks and grounds, hospital, libraries, government offices, etc. These are all built with public money that is from the taxes we pay. And the government is responsible for maintaining this property. But it does not mean that people have no role to play in this regard.

If the government is responsible for building and maintaining public property, it is the duty of people to help the government in maintaining it. It costs a lot of money to uild or buys these things and our country is not so rich. Duty increases a little bit more. If we, the people the country do not use these public amenities properly or we destroy them, it will not be easy to replace them, been seen that people use water and electricity lastly, they cause accidents by removing parts of railway and steal or damage bulbs and fans, from railway compartments.

They do not use railway toilet properly. They throw garbage on the road and spit on it while walking. Other people have to suffer because of this antisocial behaviour. Sometimes electric, telephone and telegraph lines are cut and stolen. As a result everyone suffers as communication gets disrupted. It has also been seen that telephone booths, postoffices and letter-boxes are damaged. Benches are stolen from the parks and water sources contanimated, causing numerous problems to others.


Now we will see why people destroy, or steal public property or why they use it carelessly most of the time it has been seen that people destroy it to express their anger and frustration. When people are angry about something they organize a protest, they burn and destroy something. They burn and destory public buildings and buses and stop trains. This causes many problems for other people. As they cannot reach their offices, factories or schools in time, many valuable working hours are lost. This causes great loss to the country.

We know India is a developing country and whenever such things occur, they slow down its progress. Hence, it is foolish to destroy public property because one is harming oneself as well as the progress of the country. We must know, we have no right to destroy it or use it recklessly or steal it. It (public property) is something we own collectively and use jointly. If we have any grievances or any legitimate demands, we can approach the authorities peacefully. Destruction of public property is no solution of any problem. It only creates more of it.

As good citizens it is our duty to use the public property as carefully as we use our own things. Its misuse causes inconvenience to everybody, including ourselves. We must develop a sense of cooperation in having a comfortable and happy civic life. We all must work together, contribute funds by paying taxes on time and have a sense of responsibility to preserve conveniences which exist for the benefit of all.

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