Friend is a person who is always with you and for you, whether it be in times of happiness or times of distress. It is an old adage that truly and correctly describes a friend – “a friend in need is a friend indeed”.

This means that a person who helps us in our times of distress is a true friend, and the correct time to put a friend to a test is, time of sorrow. In good times for happy moments, everyone poses to be close, and wants to be close.

These are not true friends; they are just companions, who give company for fun. However, those who sit and share the moments of sorrow are the true friends.

In life, there are occasions when we are happy, contented and prosperous. In such times we are given to understand that we have myriads of friends. Most of us get into believing that all those who enjoy our good times with us are our friends. However, when sad occasions arrive at our doorsteps, all these friends disappear and just one or two remain at our side.


Let us understand that, these few left now, are friends, and now we can earmark them as our close associates and friends. By this we can now conjecture what the attitude of a friend is and should be.

A friend is that person who is interested in our welfare and not his/her fun with us, or at our cost. It is he who loves to be with us as much as possible and as long as possible. A friend is that person who loves us even though many qualities in us may not be to his/her liking. A friend is one who loves us with all our qualities good and bad, the love of a friend does not change with seasons.

The friend who is true will not always praise no matter what we do. He will also point out the wrong being done and try to convince that it is wrong and not just call all that is being done right just because he wants to remain in the good books.

The greatest pleasure we get all through life is by the love and help we get from a friend. These things in turn inspire an individual to be better and do better.


A friend is a great treasure that any individual can possess, and a treasure which very few can make and retain through thick and thin. In the process of our long lives, if we can make even two or three friends, I’d say we have been very lucky and can be considered as having being rewarded by God. It is very aptly said that, a person can be judged by the number of friends he/she possesses. Friends are not a commodity easy to get or keep; all those we meet are just acquaintances or, at best good weather friends – to bask in our sunshine only.