An Exhibition is a public show of works of art and manufacture. Modern age is an age of machines and industries. An exhibition is held in a big city to display prepared goods and to prepare market in other countries as well as in our country. These exhibitions have become very common now days. They are held on the national as well as international level. They may be of local interest also.

Last year an Industrial Trade Fair was held in the month of November in Pragati Maidan in Delhi. Its purpose was to show the great progress of India in the field of industry. As I am very fond of visiting exhibitions, I decided to spend one full day on it. I told my friend about it.

He readily became agree and finally we reached Pragati Maidan at about 11 o’clock. At the very outer side we were taken by a daze of wonder to see artistically constructed magnificent gate of the exhibition. The outer decoration was really very attractive. There was a great rush of visitors. Somehow we managed to buy tickets and went in. The inner decoration was not less impressive in any sense.

The maps and charts for the guidance of visitors were displayed on every corner. All the states of our country had set up their pavilions. The pavilions of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Karnataka were very impressive.


China, Russia, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Australia and Egypt had also set up beautiful pavilions. We saw the industrial progress of those countries by visiting these pavilions. The pavilions of China and Japan impressed us most. There were articles of every tastes and fashion. Shawls, Sarees, leather goods, blankets, and cutlery things made of ivory; rugs, rubber articles cycles and many more were exhibited in an extremely attractive manner.

The ministry of ‘Defence’ and the ministry of ‘Agriculture’ had also set up their pavilions. In defence pavilion we saw the latest models of aeroplanes, tanks, big guns, satellites made in India. In the agriculture pavilion, we saw the latest agricultural tools. Craftsmen were showing their skills. I learnt a lot about the progress that our country has made in industries.

There were stalls for cold drinks, coffee and tea. We took food there and rested for a while. We decided to return home. When we were going outside the exhibition we saw there many different types of jhoolas and other items of amusement. There were also a demonstration field for’modern instruments and machines. The visitors were taking keen interest in practical show.

In reality, the exhibition is an open window through which we can see the progress made by our country as well as other countries. It provides us various unknown entertainment too which makes us forget the worries of the world. Perhaps this is the reason why I like visiting exhibitions so much.