463 Words Short Essay on a street quarrel


Street quarrels are very common features of city life. They occur sometimes due to bad temper and sometimes due to greedy nature of some wicked man. Whatever may be the cause behind street quarrels, one thing is clear that most of the time people join the fight for mere joy showing off their fighting spirit and thus create an unwanted scene polluting the whole atmosphere of their surrounding.

A few days back a quarrel took an ugly turn when the persons involved in it forgot all civic sense. There is generally a great rush of traffic in the school street at 1:30 pm because it is the time when the school is over for the day.

The street is not so wide. One man with a heavy load had obstructed the narrow passage. Soon a man on a scooters and an auto rickshaw driver tried to surpass but none of them was ready to allow the other to pass. The situation was becoming serious by and by with the hot exchange of words. Both the scooters and the auto-rickshaw driver started abusing each other. Soon a big crowd was gathered there.


Some favoured the man on the scooter and some took the side of the auto rickshaw driver. But one thing I noticed that most of them did not seem interested in settling down the quarrel.

They sometimes were provoking the scooterist and sometimes the auto-rickshaw driver. As a result the quarrel took an ugly turn. The shouting and abuses were followed by boxing and blows. One caught the collar of the other and finally they were seen rolling and tearing and scratching each other. They were mad people with no head at all.

Some young men who heroically came forward to settle down the quarrel themselves started showing their fighting skill. And within a few minutes the quarrel became a group quarrel. Big sticks were being brought and used by many fighters.

As a result some of them were badly hurt. Some were seen bleeding. The crowd got panicky and there occurred stampede taking many lives. The police came late and therefore they did not prove themselves helpful in averting the situation.


It has been rightly said that anger is a momentary madness, and we must keep it in control. Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said, “One who can tolerate an evil done is really a hero of the heroes, only weak people desort to violence.” Hence, we must develop the power of tolerance and mutual understanding. Anger begets anger and violence leads to more violence.

Therefore it is wise not creating such a situation. We must remember that peace is always good and the limit must not be crossed at any cost. Our formula of life should be live and let live.

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