449 Words Short Essay on the nurse


Clad in white shirt, skirt, socks and a white cap on her head a nurse with her smiling face surely gives an impression of a live human being whose heart overflows with compassion for those numerous patients who come to the hospital from different directions.

The tradition of nursing started in the past time by ever remembered Florence Nightingale, a British nurse, who dedicated her life to the care of the British troops during the Crimean War and thus established modern nursing profession.

Symbol of service and humanity, a nurse is frequently seen in hospitals, whether they are big or small. She remains very attentive to her duties. She is noble and affectionate to all patients.


A nurse like other service holders too has to give eight hours’ duty daily, but in her case time of working not fixed. Sometimes she has to perform night duty, which she does with same sincerity. She reaches the hospital at required time, takes charge of her ward from the other nurse and is ready for her duty.

Popularly know as, sister, a nurse looks after her patients, gives them medicines or injections as prescribed by the doctor. She maintains a chart, notes down patient’s temperature and condition of short intervals. A doctor depends on her work to a great extent.

She is supposed to be with him or her when he/she is on round of the ward so that she may give details of the patients to him/her. All this help in quick recovery of the patients. In the operation theatre too we see the nurse by the side of the doctor helping him/her in many ways.

A nurse is a true picture of hard and selfless work. She is very particular for the patients’ diet. She never allows those foods which are not prescribed by the doctor. In this regard, she is a little but strict, which is in favour of the patients.


She is always standing and is busy in this and that. She never gets tired. Even though she feels like that, she never let it come on her smiling face. She like a loving mother never becomes angry. If her patient is non-cooperative or rude to her, she simply let it go.

Thus, a nurse always gives priority to her duties bound to the patients. She plays a very important role in the society. It is her loving care and touch that give immediate relief to the patients. She is a respectful figure in the society for her selfless work.

It should not be taken as a fashionable profession. It is directly related to the service to humanity. No wealth or any materialistic approach can alter her service.

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