399 Words essay on the Autobiography of a Cricket Bat


I am a cricket bat. I am proud and happy to belong to a famous young cricketer. Can you guess who my master is? He is no other than Sachin Tendulkar. You must have seen me on the Television.

I am heavier than most bats and that is why I am my master’s favourite bat. I am nothing much to look at. I consist of a piece of wood that is flat on one side and slightly rounded on the other. But when my master grasps me and makes me hit a cricket ball, all the people cheer and clap because he is a skilful batsman. I have helped my master to play in important Test Matches both at home and abroad.

With my master I have travelled widely to various parts of India and also to England and the West Indies etc. It was in the West Indies that my master covered himself with glory. He was the hero of the Test. The success of the Indian team in the West Indies was largely due to my master’s skill as a batsman. Again he shone as a batsman in England.


Once more in the recent Test Matches against the M.C.C team, my master gave a very good account of himself. It was particularly at the Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai that he impressed the spectators as a great batsman. In fact he was given a silver bat as a prize for being the best batsman. Yet I am sure he values me more than that silver bat which is meant only for show and not for practical use.

Wherever I go, I have to face thousands of spectators. Each time my master makes a powerful shot; there is much excitement and applause. So the success of my master depends on his skill in handling me. I have had a happy and exciting life. I have seen a great deal of the world. I hope to continue with my present master and give him many more years of useful service.

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