394 Words Essay on Robots and Mechanization


This age of mechanization the ultimate machine is the robot, which will take over the entire gamut of work of the human being, and render him useless.

A robot is a machine that looks like a human being, with a body, arms and legs like a human’s. This machine is taught to do all the possible functions of a human and with the machine at work man can rest.

The machine is given any relevant orders, and it obeys and does as directed, and the work gets done. The machine is trained and nurtured to do all kinds of odd jobs. So much so good but, let us think as to what will be the final impact of so much mechanisation on life and what will be the content of the life of man.


With the robots like all other machines doing work just as efficiently as man, or may be more efficiently than man, one day, I imagine man may become absolutely irrelevant to the scheme of things.

He may not be of any utility to the further development of man. When a machine will do all the tasks meant to be done by man, it will automatically lead to the unemployment of man, whether it is at home or outside the home.

Such mechnisation will lead to a continuous depletion of man’s capacity to do any work on his own, without the help of a machine. Man’s dependence on machines is already almost complete and is in turn leading to absolute decay of man’s capacities to do work, and so are his intentions to do work on the decrease.

To add to this decadence of man’s efforts to work comes the robot. Once this machine becomes popular and fits into the working of man, it will help man in his pursuits of all kinds but then, what will man do? I feel that when this robotic mechanisation is completed what on earth will man then do? Thence, the once upon a time ruler of all life on earth will become a brainless, lifeless and aimless slave of the much hyped machine, and that also his own creation. What an irony of the fate of man it will be that day when, that same man who made the machine of a robot will go into oblivion and the machine will rule the man.

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